Tidy Chaos

Hello Friends,  Here’s a little story about what we all try to squeeze in on our weekends…a little house cleaning. You can take this as an amusing little story or a WARNING! DO SOMETHING FUN INSTEAD!!! Just something to think about since you are probably planning your weekend about now. Please click the link (it’s safe) for the full story and access to my blog.


My respects to Erma Bombeck.  She said something to the effect of cleaning the house while you have kids is like shoveling snow in a blizzard.  Well, when it snows it pours! I had one day last week to clean my house.  I had it all planned down to the last detail and down to the last minute.  I strategically plotted for a week.  I would get up before everyone, have a leisurely cup of coffee, take a shower then execute my plan with the precision of a ninja.


Will clean with precision of a ninja!

I got up early, had my coffee, took my shower and even did my hair.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  I sorted and threw away the junk mail that’s been covering my table for three weeks.  I picked up my daughter’s stuff, I loaded the dishwasher, turned it on and put away the dishes drying in the dish rack.  I swept the floor, threw away all of the junk covering my counters and tables then went to work on the dining and living rooms.  I picked up and put away toys, blankets pillows, clothes and other assorted stuff that didn’t belong.  I hung up the coats, jackets, hats and umbrellas. I went back to the dishwasher which had just turned off.  I put away all of the clean dishes.  I re-loaded with the dishes that didn’t fit in the first load. The place was spotless!


Ah, clean at last!


Then, on to round two.  I planned my weekly menu.  I am tired of getting home at 6:30 or 7:00 PM and being too tired to cook and of course too tired to eat.  I went to the grocery store.  I began to cook for the week.  I had a week’s worth of complete dinners planned, packed, refrigerated and ready to reheat. I was whipped.


Ready to reheat meals for a week. What a time saver!

I sat down for a well-deserved break with a nice cup of coffee and some cookies, turned on the television, put up my feet and was ready to watch my favorite show. Well, I fell asleep. I didn’t think I was asleep that long before I woke up to the sound of the dog lapping up the last of my coffee which he used to wash down my cookies.


I better take that cup out to the kitchen and sterilize it. At least there wasn’t much coffee in it, not enough to hurt the dog. However, the kitchen hit me like a ton of bricks. Dirty dishes filled the sink, food and crumbs all over the counters, dirt on the floor, coats and jackets slung over the backs of chairs, mail everywhere. How long was I asleep? Did I slip through a wormhole into another plane of existence? I must have really been out like a light.



No such luck, it was my hubby, daughter and her band of merry softball maidens. Famished and dirty after softball practice they refueled themselves in a frenzied state led by Super Softball Dad who was blind to the fact that the kitchen was spotless and I wanted it kept that way. A concept totally lost on Super Softball Dad who not only wrecked my kitchen, but brought home half the team AND their parents who now think this is what my house looks like.


Well, I guess it usually does. Now I know why their houses are always neat and tidy. Everyone is always here messing up my house! And this is why I get migraines!

My Friends, I hope you choose to have a fun-filled weekend. Don’t clean the house all at once, let’s go out and play! Let me know how you are spending your fun weekend by commenting below. I hope you liked my story, the moral for me is to enjoy my free time and let the dishes be damned! Until next time, I wish you love, laughter, happiness and plenty of fun!



Over the “Dump” Day!

Hello Friends,

I know I normally post on Tuesday, but I have a cute little Wednesday specific post that I thought you might get a kick out of. It’s a short little chuckle to get you over the hump!

WIN_20170322_12_46_47_Pro (2)

Oh, Fluffy! Pew!


I always thought that Wednesday was called Over the Hump Day. In our house it was something very different after we got our new puppy. I don’t know what the puppy had against Wednesday’s but he sure had a funny way of expressing his displeasure.


You see, we were still crate training him. He was doing very well, except on Wednesdays, Wednesdays during the hottest summer we’ve had in a long time. His training was going quite well. We hired a trainer to train the puppy but she was actually training us. The puppy could sit, stay, fetch, bring, drop, and leave it. He could walk nicely on his lead, heel, turn, stop and sit when being led.


However, Fluffy had a thing against Wednesdays. I guess he couldn’t make it over the hump! That’s when I started noticing that every Wednesday this summer, my husband would race home early and grab his golf clubs and scram as soon as I was coming up the driveway. Not even a wave goodbye, just Zoom! He was a blur racing down the hill.


Every Wednesday in July hubby would race home to grab his clubs and go golfing with the guys.  He would be sure to get home early so he could get his stuff and leave before I got home from work.  He always pretended not to notice what had gone on inside our new puppy’s cage so he could leave without the responsibility of dealing with this particularly disgusting situation.  However, anyone with half a brain (and half a nose) couldn’t possibly have missed it.  It seemed that every Wednesday during the month of July, Fluffy would have diarrhea—in his cage!

Not only would he dump all over his cage, he would roll in it.  I would have to drag the dog, cage and all outside.  Tie the dog up, hose him off, shampoo him then get busy cleaning the cage. Then I would have to shower off.  All before cooking dinner, which I no longer would have the appetite for.

WIN_20170322_12_21_21_Pro (2)

I’m going in!

Men! They find a way out of everything and leave us the dirty work! I need a good revenge tactic, hmmm?!


Happy Over the Hump Day!


Hi Friends, I hope you enjoyed my dirty little Wednesday story. Please have a great Over the Hump Day, we’re halfway to the weekend. As always I appreciate your feedback, leave your likes, dislikes and comments (or revenge ideas 🙂 below on this page, please. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please take a look at the other stories on my blog and see what antics I’ve been up to! Everyone needs a good laugh! What’s life without a little humor and whimsy?

Enjoy the rest of your week with laughter, joy and happiness!


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