So Ready for Spring Part 2


Ready for the bus stop. Minus 5 degrees!

Promises, Promises

Thursday morning approaches with sub-zero temperatures again.  Since we didn’t get the road plowed all of the slush turned to ice.  I had asked Hubby to drive me to the bus stop since I knew I couldn’t navigate downhill on ice.  He agreed. Wow, what a relief! That feeling of relief lasted about 30 seconds. He said we were leaving now. But our daughter was still in bed. I thought I would warm up the truck and he would drop her at the neighbors’ who would take the kids to their bus stop and he would drive me to mine. NO. He drove me down to the end of the driveway, got out and walked back up the hill. My hero. The truck wasn’t even defrosted yet.


I haven’t warmed up the truck enough!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I drove down the snow and ice covered main road at five miles per hour hoping I could still catch the 6:51 bus.  I finally made it to the park and ride at 6:52.  I was hoping the bus would be late so I go stand in the frigid cold waiting for it.  When my toes got numb, I figured that I missed it.  So I go back and sit in my truck to wait for the 7:10.  I was running the heater trying to get the feeling back in my toes.  I hobbled out of the car at 7:07 so I wouldn’t miss the 7:10.  By 7:15 my toes felt like they actually snapped off my feet and were rolling around in my shoes.  I went back to the car.  As I started up the heat, I noticed the 7:10 zoom by at 7:17.  After a few choice words, I decided that I had no choice but to wait for the 7:28 which my neighbor drives.  And I can always count on him coming at 7:35.  So I get out of the car at 7:28 in case he is on time.  As always, he came at 7:35.  I got on the bus, shaking uncontrollably from the cold.  I thought I was having a convulsion.  I didn’t stop shaking until noon.


Ah, a Hot Dinner

What a long day.  I was ready for bed before dinner.  But managed to throw together some spaghetti, eat, and clean up the kitchen before collapsing with total exhaustion.  Sweetie came into my room and said that she felt sick and that her stomach hurt.  I asked her if she thought she had to throw up.  She said no.  So gave her a hot water bottle for her stomach and went back to bed.  She woke me up again saying that her stomach hurt and maybe she had to throw up.  We went into the bathroom and waited awhile before she said the feeling had passed.


Throw Up, Throw Out!

I told her just to sleep in my bed since it was closer to the bathroom if her stomach started bothering her again. Next time, I’ll remember to put a bucket by her.  I finally got back to sleep when Sweetie sat bolt upright and proceeded to vomit all over the floor and the wall next to the bed.  Did I mention we had spaghetti for dinner? I tossed her in the bathroom, held her hair and hoped for the best.  When she calmed down a bit, I made her a bed on the bathroom floor so I could clean the bedroom floor.  Wouldn’t you know my brand new carpet cleaner didn’t work. While I was looking it over to figure out what could be wrong, I noticed a sticker on it. “REFURBISHED”. That was a gift, Hubby can’t give me anything new, I felt like hurling it down the driveway, but Hubby probably would have made me tow it back up with the truck while he was riding it! Besides there was enough hurling going on. I have spaghetti hurled all over the place and a sick little girl to take care of.


I screamed for Hubby to help.  He cleaned up the mess by hand while I helped Sweetie who was now barfing into the toilet for a change. She slept peacefully the rest of the night on my bathroom floor while I slept fitfully with one eye open to check on her all night.  I fully intended to keep her home from school Friday.  But she woke up feeling great.


The Winter of My Incontinence

I woke up feeling queasy.  Oh great, now I’ve got it.  Since I hadn’t eaten yet, the bug decided to work its way out another way.  So, after an hour in the bathroom and three Immodium AD tablets later, I felt well enough to salt the driveway and head up to the neighbors to take the kids to school.  I got up the hill with some trouble, but I managed to get there.  I put her kid in the car, made sure everyone was buckled in and headed downhill.  Since it had been above freezing and I salted several times I figured that I wouldn’t have any trouble.  Well I hit a patch of ice and was sliding all over the place and heading for a tree. This is the winter of my incontinence.  If those three Immodiums hadn’t kicked in, I would have pooped my pants right then and there!  I told the kids to be quiet and let me concentrate.  However, they decided to burst into an endless chorus of “Hit a Tree”, “Hit a Tree” as I tried to maneuver my way into the tire tracks and carefully slide down the hill. I must say that although I was a nervous wreck and fishtailed it all the way down we made it safely.


And just as we crested the last hill the school bus passed us by.

Just laugh, you knew that would happen, keep driving until you get to school.


And that, my friends is why I’m so ready for spring. I hope you enjoyed the posts. Remember to live with joy, laughter and love. Please leave your comments, likes or dislikes below. I love hearing from you. And, here’s to warmer weather!


So Ready for Spring

Hello, I am re-posting Part 1 of So Ready for Spring to go along with Part 2 which I just posted a few minutes ago so you can read both straight through if you like 🙂

Plow the Neighbor’s Driveway, Please. Don’t Worry About Us

A winter long ago started as Monday was winding down and the winter weather was winding up.  Snow and lots of it is headed our way.  I asked Hubby to please salt the roads tonight and again in the morning.   Well, by early evening school was already cancelled.  We had a ton of snow with more to come.  So, I asked Hubby to plow first and then salt.  He grumbled but he suited up to plow.   He went down the hill to plow and disappeared. I went out to check on him and couldn’t find him.  I was just about to go looking for him when I saw his headlights coming up the road.  He had driven the quad with a plow on the front while not wearing a helmet down the driveway, down the main road and across to a side street to plow Softball Dad and Softball Mom’s driveway.  Softball Dad is one of the softball coaches and Softball Mom his wife.  I guess he wanted to score some major brownie points to ensure that Sweetie gets on the good softball team again this year and of course, to make himself look good.  It didn’t occur to him to just plow our road so I could safely transport Sweetie to and from the bus stop and get myself safely to my bus stop. Did I mention that our driveway is a mile long and uphill both ways? Too bad he chose to do their driveway first.  The quad only had so much life left in it and we didn’t know that until the snow hit…

QUADruple the Problem

I beg Hubby to please, please, please plow and salt while most of the snow is slushy because it is freezing fast.  So he grudgingly stomps out to plow.  A few minutes later I decided to finally have that cigarette had been wanting.  I’m outside delightfully puffing away when I notice Hubby walking up the hill.  The quad conked out.  We had just had it repaired and this is, you guessed it, day 31 of the 30 day warranty!!!  The quad is stuck right smack dab in the middle of the road on one of the hills.  We can’t leave it there, someone will hit it if they are stupid enough to be driving on a night like this.   Hubby asks me to tow the quad up the hill with my truck.  Heck, I’ll give you my keys.  Why do I have to do it?

Saftey First?

We slide down the hill in the truck and position it in front of the broken down heap of a quad. Hubby hooks up the tow strap then proceeds to sit on the quad and tells me to drive up the hill.   IS HE NUTS?  What if I start to slide backwards on the ice, what should I do?  Is it safe to ride on that thing while being towed?  Won’t it just follow if you drive the truck up the hill sitting in the cab?  I could use some instruction so I don’t accidentally kill you.  So I reiterate, “WHAT DO I DO IF I START TO SLIDE BACKWARDS TOWARD YOU????!!!!”  Accidentally kill him?  He then speaks the most eloquent words of wisdom that I ever heard…’just keep driving up the hill’. No, now it will be on purpose with a snow shovel slapped upside his head!

I’m trembling as I put the truck in 4-wheel and start to drive up the hill.  Theoretically, if I keep the speed steady, not too slow, not too fast I should be able to get up the whole hill without sliding into him or knocking him off the quad.  My knees are knocking my knuckles are white but I’m doing it.  I make it all the way into the driveway.  I hurry to put the truck in park and jump out the door to see if Hubby is still there.  Yes, he did not fall off.  He says, hey come here and help me.  I just realized that while the truck is in the driveway, the quad is still on the downhill side of it.  The tow strap was too long.  So I figured I’ll just drive right through the garden so I can get it up the rest of the way.  The garden fence was destroyed when the second load of manure was delivered this fall (my birthday present, not to be confused by the first load of manure which was my mothers’ day present, he didn’t learn the first time, a story coming soon)!  So no problem.


Slow and steady up the hill…

A Better Idea

Of course, Hubby has a better idea.  His ideas are so much brighter than mine.  He wants me to push the quad the rest of the way. Am I the only one to see that this won’t work, we’re on ICE! But like a dutiful wife, I do it.  Or, at least I attempt it. My feet are sliding in all different directions. How did he think this was going to work?  Plan B.  I am now supposed to back the truck up closer to the quad, I can’t reiterate enough, ON ICE!  Won’t that make it go further down the hill?  Oh no, of course not.  Hubby undid the tow strap and is holding one end.  Theoretically, as I back up, he can take up the slack in the tow strap and make it shorter so I can pull it all the way into the driveway.  I’m in full blown panic attack by now. and the rest of the night is a blur.  I did see the quad in the driveway the next morning and Hubby was unscathed.  I can’t help but think that if he did our driveway first, it would have gotten clean before the quad broke and thus would have been able to avoid Thursday and Friday’s experiences…

Stay tuned!

Thank you Friends for reading my blog posts. I hope you enjoyed this one. It does have a part 2 which I will be posting in the next day or two so keep watching for it. Yes it can get worse and it does get funnier. Please leave your comments, likes or dislikes using the buttons below. Also, please sign up to follow me by email so you won’t miss a single story. Have a great day. Enjoy yourself with love, joy and laughter always.


The Easter Conundrum


Since we are on the cusp of Easter season, I thought I would share this story of one of our annual Easter egg hunt parties we always held for my daughter when she was little.


When my daughter was four until she was twelve, we hosted an Easter egg hunt at our house for her schoolmates. We also invited friends and family. Most of the time after the egg hunt and picnic, her schoolmates and their parents went home and our friends and family stuck around for an “understood after party”. The first one was a surprise on me. But I realized that this was going to happen every year. And every year something would happen at the after party that would surprise me more….


The party was fun but the weather was really cold this year, even the bonfire wasn’t much help.  As a result, many of the kids played inside the house and their parents checked on them regularly. Most of the adults brought the food in and stayed inside too. Everyone was looking for a place to stay warm. Even with the frigid weather, the party went on and on and on.  After it was over and the surprise after party ran late into the night, I was exhausted. I went straight to bed.


Oh my God!

In the morning, as I was happily sipping my coffee and preparing for a shower, I looked down and noticed it!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes, could it really be that?  In my wastepaper basket, in the bathroom that’s in my bedroom it lied there right on top, taunting me.  I stooped down to take a closer look.  Yes, that’s what it really is.  A square packet with the tell-tell ring in the middle, a condom wrapper! Arrrgh, I could see the world actually stopping, screeching to a grinding halt!  Who, who, who could have put that there?  And, more important, where were they when they opened and used it??


Could it be…?

It was a slightly unusual looking wrapper. It was black and white like it was generic. Did the owner purchase it from a gas station vending machine? Is that what they sell in gas stations? I don’t know, I never tried to buy one there.


But more important was where was the deed done? Were they in MY bed? I immediately stripped the bed and bleached the sheets and pillow cases. I washed the comforter. All the while in my mind I keep hearing, who, who, who, when, when, where!!!!


I ran and told hubby, he said we would have to sort this out further after dinner. We were due at his parent’s house for Easter dinner with the rest of the family. All of whom were at the Easter egg hunt party the day before. So after saying Grace and filling our plates, I gingerly brought up the topic for conversation. You never saw so many wigs flip in your life. Except for Great Grandma who put her head down and kept eating, not saying a word.


The alleged culprits at this dinner ranged in age from twelve to seventeen to eighty years old. The first thing out of everybody’s mouth was denial. They didn’t do it. But we had to put our sleuthing skills to work anyway. It at least made for “good” conversation. We immediately ruled out the twelve and eighty year olds and focused on everyone between seventeen and sixty. Of course no one did it. And rightly so. The older teenagers didn’t bring dates that was confirmed. The sixty year olds didn’t have the energy nor the desire, quite obvious. The other three couples were married. Including my hubby and me, we knew we didn’t do it. Which left my sisters in law and their husbands, and they didn’t need that method of birth control and we’ll leave it at that.


So now the conversation gets interesting as we go through our list of friends and like Hercule Poirot put the little gray cells to use to either rule them out or condemn them. With Agatha Christie like mystery solving skills a raucous conversation for an Easter dinner ensued with gusto! We chattered non-stop and at high-speed.  We had our friends accused, acquitted, accused again. We played out scenarios of who the culprits might be. We figured out the who, the what, the when and the why. We had motive and means. By the end of dessert had figured out the mystery. We were ready to attack tomorrow with our well thought out mystery solving techniques and confront the intruder!


It was time to go home. We are putting our daughter to bed. I put some food in her fish tank when I noticed a long string of black and white square packets stuck together like a string of condom packets. I did a double take. I ran to my bathroom and picked up the wrapper, still in my wastebasket. It was a match! All this fuss. IT WAS FISH TANK CLEANER!! My hubby had opened a packet and thrown one in this morning and put the wrapper in the wastebasket.


Oh No!



Bahahahahah, Call off the dogs of war!

I got on the phone and called my in-laws told them. We laughed until we nearly wet our pants. Of course we called off the morning attack. Except the one on hubby for not remembering what was in the black and white wrapper!


Hello Friends, I hope you enjoyed this pre-Easter story and you had a few laughs! We certainly did! Please leave your likes or dislikes and comments below. I’d love it if you would sign up to follow me by email. Then you will be notified right away of any new posts. Wishing you a happy fun filled day with lots of love, joy and laughter. Thank you for reading my blog.



Tidy Chaos

Hello Friends,  Here’s a little story about what we all try to squeeze in on our weekends…a little house cleaning. You can take this as an amusing little story or a WARNING! DO SOMETHING FUN INSTEAD!!! Just something to think about since you are probably planning your weekend about now. Please click the link (it’s safe) for the full story and access to my blog.


My respects to Erma Bombeck.  She said something to the effect of cleaning the house while you have kids is like shoveling snow in a blizzard.  Well, when it snows it pours! I had one day last week to clean my house.  I had it all planned down to the last detail and down to the last minute.  I strategically plotted for a week.  I would get up before everyone, have a leisurely cup of coffee, take a shower then execute my plan with the precision of a ninja.


Will clean with precision of a ninja!

I got up early, had my coffee, took my shower and even did my hair.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  I sorted and threw away the junk mail that’s been covering my table for three weeks.  I picked up my daughter’s stuff, I loaded the dishwasher, turned it on and put away the dishes drying in the dish rack.  I swept the floor, threw away all of the junk covering my counters and tables then went to work on the dining and living rooms.  I picked up and put away toys, blankets pillows, clothes and other assorted stuff that didn’t belong.  I hung up the coats, jackets, hats and umbrellas. I went back to the dishwasher which had just turned off.  I put away all of the clean dishes.  I re-loaded with the dishes that didn’t fit in the first load. The place was spotless!


Ah, clean at last!


Then, on to round two.  I planned my weekly menu.  I am tired of getting home at 6:30 or 7:00 PM and being too tired to cook and of course too tired to eat.  I went to the grocery store.  I began to cook for the week.  I had a week’s worth of complete dinners planned, packed, refrigerated and ready to reheat. I was whipped.


Ready to reheat meals for a week. What a time saver!

I sat down for a well-deserved break with a nice cup of coffee and some cookies, turned on the television, put up my feet and was ready to watch my favorite show. Well, I fell asleep. I didn’t think I was asleep that long before I woke up to the sound of the dog lapping up the last of my coffee which he used to wash down my cookies.


I better take that cup out to the kitchen and sterilize it. At least there wasn’t much coffee in it, not enough to hurt the dog. However, the kitchen hit me like a ton of bricks. Dirty dishes filled the sink, food and crumbs all over the counters, dirt on the floor, coats and jackets slung over the backs of chairs, mail everywhere. How long was I asleep? Did I slip through a wormhole into another plane of existence? I must have really been out like a light.



No such luck, it was my hubby, daughter and her band of merry softball maidens. Famished and dirty after softball practice they refueled themselves in a frenzied state led by Super Softball Dad who was blind to the fact that the kitchen was spotless and I wanted it kept that way. A concept totally lost on Super Softball Dad who not only wrecked my kitchen, but brought home half the team AND their parents who now think this is what my house looks like.


Well, I guess it usually does. Now I know why their houses are always neat and tidy. Everyone is always here messing up my house! And this is why I get migraines!

My Friends, I hope you choose to have a fun-filled weekend. Don’t clean the house all at once, let’s go out and play! Let me know how you are spending your fun weekend by commenting below. I hope you liked my story, the moral for me is to enjoy my free time and let the dishes be damned! Until next time, I wish you love, laughter, happiness and plenty of fun!



Over the “Dump” Day!

Hello Friends,

I know I normally post on Tuesday, but I have a cute little Wednesday specific post that I thought you might get a kick out of. It’s a short little chuckle to get you over the hump!

WIN_20170322_12_46_47_Pro (2)

Oh, Fluffy! Pew!


I always thought that Wednesday was called Over the Hump Day. In our house it was something very different after we got our new puppy. I don’t know what the puppy had against Wednesday’s but he sure had a funny way of expressing his displeasure.


You see, we were still crate training him. He was doing very well, except on Wednesdays, Wednesdays during the hottest summer we’ve had in a long time. His training was going quite well. We hired a trainer to train the puppy but she was actually training us. The puppy could sit, stay, fetch, bring, drop, and leave it. He could walk nicely on his lead, heel, turn, stop and sit when being led.


However, Fluffy had a thing against Wednesdays. I guess he couldn’t make it over the hump! That’s when I started noticing that every Wednesday this summer, my husband would race home early and grab his golf clubs and scram as soon as I was coming up the driveway. Not even a wave goodbye, just Zoom! He was a blur racing down the hill.


Every Wednesday in July hubby would race home to grab his clubs and go golfing with the guys.  He would be sure to get home early so he could get his stuff and leave before I got home from work.  He always pretended not to notice what had gone on inside our new puppy’s cage so he could leave without the responsibility of dealing with this particularly disgusting situation.  However, anyone with half a brain (and half a nose) couldn’t possibly have missed it.  It seemed that every Wednesday during the month of July, Fluffy would have diarrhea—in his cage!

Not only would he dump all over his cage, he would roll in it.  I would have to drag the dog, cage and all outside.  Tie the dog up, hose him off, shampoo him then get busy cleaning the cage. Then I would have to shower off.  All before cooking dinner, which I no longer would have the appetite for.

WIN_20170322_12_21_21_Pro (2)

I’m going in!

Men! They find a way out of everything and leave us the dirty work! I need a good revenge tactic, hmmm?!


Happy Over the Hump Day!


Hi Friends, I hope you enjoyed my dirty little Wednesday story. Please have a great Over the Hump Day, we’re halfway to the weekend. As always I appreciate your feedback, leave your likes, dislikes and comments (or revenge ideas 🙂 below on this page, please. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please take a look at the other stories on my blog and see what antics I’ve been up to! Everyone needs a good laugh! What’s life without a little humor and whimsy?

Enjoy the rest of your week with laughter, joy and happiness!


A “V” Line to Embarrassment!

WIN_20170321_08_51_59_Pro (2)

Oh No!

When You Think Something is Wrong it Probably is!

Did you ever have one of those days where something was wrong, you didn’t know what it was, but the stares, the avoidances and the general way people treated made you ill at ease. Worse yet, you didn’t find out until the end of the day. You would think someone would clue you in but no, you discover it on your own and live the whole days’ worth of embarrassment all at once. Shocked like someone dumped a bucket of ice water on your head. I just had one of those days.

I Look Marvelous

I had picked a great outfit for work today. It was a nice little blue pattered short sleeve v-neck blouse and a pair of black pants. The blouse was nicely fitted in the bodice giving me that nice sleek line. However, I thought the pants might be too short. Not short enough to be fashionable Capri pants, but short enough to be what we thought the nerdy kids in high school wore–floods! I needed to be sure.

Men Don’t Wear Outfits!

I made my first mistake this morning asking my husband if my outfit looked dorky. He said no, it looked fine.

OK, that was wrong on two counts and I should have known better. First, men don’t answer the “how do I look” question honestly ever, if they know what’s good for them.

Second, remind me to be more specific when I ask my husband questions about outfits or about anything. I’ve since been told that men don’t wear “outfits” and therefore have no experience or credibility and are not qualified to answer the question.

What You Looking At?

So maybe due to not enough morning coffee, I go off to work thinking I’m looking pretty good. Now, I’m not one to strut around thinking I look great. I could be dressed to the nines with a perfect fitting outfit, matching accessories and perfectly coiffed only to discover that I’ve had a long strand of toilet paper stuck to my shoe all day. But I thought I looked nice so it seemed strange to me the looks I was getting at the bus stop this warm summer morning.

Men were driving by leering at me so much that I thought they were going to jump the curb. I’m wondering what they are looking at. I look behind me in the bus stop shelter and all I see is a billboard for ladies Cartier watches. Men aren’t interested in ladies Cartier watches. And, why in the world would that advertisement be in this town’s bus stop anyway. I don’t know of one person here who would wear a Cartier watch. If they did, I doubt they would be standing at the bus stop. I take out my compact to check my face to see if I have boogies or raccoon eyes or something. No nothing out of the ordinary there. Oh well, here comes the bus. It’s a little chilly on the bus this morning so I wrap a shawl around me. No more funny looks, it’s a pleasant ride.

Once in town, as I walk from the bus stop to my building, I notice the strange looks again. I also get a few glares as I walk into the building and go up the elevator. I can’t figure it out. As the morning wears on, I find that I need to discuss some business with one of my co-workers. I am trying to have a serious conversation with him about a real business situation and he won’t even look at me. He’s looking at his computer or staring off in another direction. He seems nervous and somewhat out of sorts. I guess he’s got something more important on his mind, though I felt this issue deserved immediate attention.

Safety Pin Stat!

I go back to my desk and continue to work. I dropped my pencil on the floor and when I looked down to find it, I actually heard the world crashing to a halt. There is what the weird stares were for. There is why my co-worker wouldn’t look at me. There it is, I’m looking down and can see straight down my shirt!!!! This little v-neck number is only a little v-neck number on most other people. On me, it’s a plunging neckline! I just gave every man in town and half of the office a show this morning. Can I be any more embarrassed? My kingdom for a safety pin! I dump my purse out, praying for a safety pin to close this gaping hole of humiliation. I find three, pin myself together, wishing I only had a trail of toilet paper stuck to my shoe and vowing to slap my husband upside the head and educate him that being able to see down my shirt doesn’t mean that my outfit looks fine!!!


All pinned up, what a day!

Hello Friends, thank you for reading my post. I hope you liked it and it brought you a little laughter. Please leave your likes, dislikes and comments below (instead of on Facebook or whatever site…sorry to mention that, but I don’t get credit for reads when that happens).  Anyway, I appreciate all the follows and all of you readers out there and would love to hear from you! I hope I added a little joy to your life this week.

Wishing you love, laughter and happiness!

Lea 🙂 

Good Morning!

Hello Friends,

It’s a sunny Tuesday and ALMOST time for another Lea Gillooly post. What trouble have I gotten into this week?

WIN_20170321_11_20_51_Pro (2)



I hope it brings you chuckles and laughs.  You’ll find out soon. Stay…um, “posted”!

Have a great day!


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