Since we are on the cusp of Easter season, I thought I would share this story of one of our annual Easter egg hunt parties we always held for my daughter when she was little.


When my daughter was four until she was twelve, we hosted an Easter egg hunt at our house for her schoolmates. We also invited friends and family. Most of the time after the egg hunt and picnic, her schoolmates and their parents went home and our friends and family stuck around for an “understood after party”. The first one was a surprise on me. But I realized that this was going to happen every year. And every year something would happen at the after party that would surprise me more….


The party was fun but the weather was really cold this year, even the bonfire wasn’t much help.  As a result, many of the kids played inside the house and their parents checked on them regularly. Most of the adults brought the food in and stayed inside too. Everyone was looking for a place to stay warm. Even with the frigid weather, the party went on and on and on.  After it was over and the surprise after party ran late into the night, I was exhausted. I went straight to bed.


Oh my God!

In the morning, as I was happily sipping my coffee and preparing for a shower, I looked down and noticed it!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes, could it really be that?  In my wastepaper basket, in the bathroom that’s in my bedroom it lied there right on top, taunting me.  I stooped down to take a closer look.  Yes, that’s what it really is.  A square packet with the tell-tell ring in the middle, a condom wrapper! Arrrgh, I could see the world actually stopping, screeching to a grinding halt!  Who, who, who could have put that there?  And, more important, where were they when they opened and used it??


Could it be…?

It was a slightly unusual looking wrapper. It was black and white like it was generic. Did the owner purchase it from a gas station vending machine? Is that what they sell in gas stations? I don’t know, I never tried to buy one there.


But more important was where was the deed done? Were they in MY bed? I immediately stripped the bed and bleached the sheets and pillow cases. I washed the comforter. All the while in my mind I keep hearing, who, who, who, when, when, where!!!!


I ran and told hubby, he said we would have to sort this out further after dinner. We were due at his parent’s house for Easter dinner with the rest of the family. All of whom were at the Easter egg hunt party the day before. So after saying Grace and filling our plates, I gingerly brought up the topic for conversation. You never saw so many wigs flip in your life. Except for Great Grandma who put her head down and kept eating, not saying a word.


The alleged culprits at this dinner ranged in age from twelve to seventeen to eighty years old. The first thing out of everybody’s mouth was denial. They didn’t do it. But we had to put our sleuthing skills to work anyway. It at least made for “good” conversation. We immediately ruled out the twelve and eighty year olds and focused on everyone between seventeen and sixty. Of course no one did it. And rightly so. The older teenagers didn’t bring dates that was confirmed. The sixty year olds didn’t have the energy nor the desire, quite obvious. The other three couples were married. Including my hubby and me, we knew we didn’t do it. Which left my sisters in law and their husbands, and they didn’t need that method of birth control and we’ll leave it at that.


So now the conversation gets interesting as we go through our list of friends and like Hercule Poirot put the little gray cells to use to either rule them out or condemn them. With Agatha Christie like mystery solving skills a raucous conversation for an Easter dinner ensued with gusto! We chattered non-stop and at high-speed.  We had our friends accused, acquitted, accused again. We played out scenarios of who the culprits might be. We figured out the who, the what, the when and the why. We had motive and means. By the end of dessert had figured out the mystery. We were ready to attack tomorrow with our well thought out mystery solving techniques and confront the intruder!


It was time to go home. We are putting our daughter to bed. I put some food in her fish tank when I noticed a long string of black and white square packets stuck together like a string of condom packets. I did a double take. I ran to my bathroom and picked up the wrapper, still in my wastebasket. It was a match! All this fuss. IT WAS FISH TANK CLEANER!! My hubby had opened a packet and thrown one in this morning and put the wrapper in the wastebasket.


Oh No!



Bahahahahah, Call off the dogs of war!

I got on the phone and called my in-laws told them. We laughed until we nearly wet our pants. Of course we called off the morning attack. Except the one on hubby for not remembering what was in the black and white wrapper!


Hello Friends, I hope you enjoyed this pre-Easter story and you had a few laughs! We certainly did! Please leave your likes or dislikes and comments below. I’d love it if you would sign up to follow me by email. Then you will be notified right away of any new posts. Wishing you a happy fun filled day with lots of love, joy and laughter. Thank you for reading my blog.