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Oh No!

When You Think Something is Wrong it Probably is!

Did you ever have one of those days where something was wrong, you didn’t know what it was, but the stares, the avoidances and the general way people treated made you ill at ease. Worse yet, you didn’t find out until the end of the day. You would think someone would clue you in but no, you discover it on your own and live the whole days’ worth of embarrassment all at once. Shocked like someone dumped a bucket of ice water on your head. I just had one of those days.

I Look Marvelous

I had picked a great outfit for work today. It was a nice little blue pattered short sleeve v-neck blouse and a pair of black pants. The blouse was nicely fitted in the bodice giving me that nice sleek line. However, I thought the pants might be too short. Not short enough to be fashionable Capri pants, but short enough to be what we thought the nerdy kids in high school wore–floods! I needed to be sure.

Men Don’t Wear Outfits!

I made my first mistake this morning asking my husband if my outfit looked dorky. He said no, it looked fine.

OK, that was wrong on two counts and I should have known better. First, men don’t answer the “how do I look” question honestly ever, if they know what’s good for them.

Second, remind me to be more specific when I ask my husband questions about outfits or about anything. I’ve since been told that men don’t wear “outfits” and therefore have no experience or credibility and are not qualified to answer the question.

What You Looking At?

So maybe due to not enough morning coffee, I go off to work thinking I’m looking pretty good. Now, I’m not one to strut around thinking I look great. I could be dressed to the nines with a perfect fitting outfit, matching accessories and perfectly coiffed only to discover that I’ve had a long strand of toilet paper stuck to my shoe all day. But I thought I looked nice so it seemed strange to me the looks I was getting at the bus stop this warm summer morning.

Men were driving by leering at me so much that I thought they were going to jump the curb. I’m wondering what they are looking at. I look behind me in the bus stop shelter and all I see is a billboard for ladies Cartier watches. Men aren’t interested in ladies Cartier watches. And, why in the world would that advertisement be in this town’s bus stop anyway. I don’t know of one person here who would wear a Cartier watch. If they did, I doubt they would be standing at the bus stop. I take out my compact to check my face to see if I have boogies or raccoon eyes or something. No nothing out of the ordinary there. Oh well, here comes the bus. It’s a little chilly on the bus this morning so I wrap a shawl around me. No more funny looks, it’s a pleasant ride.

Once in town, as I walk from the bus stop to my building, I notice the strange looks again. I also get a few glares as I walk into the building and go up the elevator. I can’t figure it out. As the morning wears on, I find that I need to discuss some business with one of my co-workers. I am trying to have a serious conversation with him about a real business situation and he won’t even look at me. He’s looking at his computer or staring off in another direction. He seems nervous and somewhat out of sorts. I guess he’s got something more important on his mind, though I felt this issue deserved immediate attention.

Safety Pin Stat!

I go back to my desk and continue to work. I dropped my pencil on the floor and when I looked down to find it, I actually heard the world crashing to a halt. There is what the weird stares were for. There is why my co-worker wouldn’t look at me. There it is, I’m looking down and can see straight down my shirt!!!! This little v-neck number is only a little v-neck number on most other people. On me, it’s a plunging neckline! I just gave every man in town and half of the office a show this morning. Can I be any more embarrassed? My kingdom for a safety pin! I dump my purse out, praying for a safety pin to close this gaping hole of humiliation. I find three, pin myself together, wishing I only had a trail of toilet paper stuck to my shoe and vowing to slap my husband upside the head and educate him that being able to see down my shirt doesn’t mean that my outfit looks fine!!!


All pinned up, what a day!

Hello Friends, thank you for reading my post. I hope you liked it and it brought you a little laughter. Please leave your likes, dislikes and comments below (instead of on Facebook or whatever site…sorry to mention that, but I don’t get credit for reads when that happens).  Anyway, I appreciate all the follows and all of you readers out there and would love to hear from you! I hope I added a little joy to your life this week.

Wishing you love, laughter and happiness!

Lea 🙂